Lion of the Jurassic-a short story.

Teeth glistened, eyes glared, a cry that was like a knife to the ear. The air was cold and afraid. The lion of the Jurassic had awakened,  Allosaurus. The massive two-ton dinosaur’s skin color was a deep black with the two crests on its head a blood red. The 35-foot carnivore stomps through a dense forest empty of sound and life. With each step, the ground shakes as if it was struck with fear. The victim is a juvenile diplodocus that has not yet noticed the danger approaching. Approaching closer to its next meal, the Allosaurus starts moving slower and quieter to avoid being noticed. The young diplodocus moves closer to the forest needing seeking more ferns and other plant life, the massive long-necked dinosaur needs to eat 33 kilograms of food a day. Because of the allosaurus’ camouflage abilities, the diplodocus can only see what it thinks is the forest floor. The diplodocus aims its head up for a bite of leaves when suddenly, *CRASH* *STOMP* *STOMP* *CRUUUUNNNCCH*. The allosaurus had surprise attacked the gentle giant causing a massive deep wound in the sauropod’s leg. The allosaurus now let the victim run leaving the grass bleeding. By now the carnivore’s hunting strategy has become apparent. It damages its victims by creating a fatal wound then lets the hurt prey run off slowly weakening from blood loss. The allosaurus follows until the prey is weak enough for the carnivore to deliver the final killing blow. After several days following the sauropod, the allosaurus delivers the deciding strike. A triumphant roar is heard across the land.


Spinosaurus was the biggest land carnivore to ever walk the earth. Some measured over 25 meaters long and 16 feet tall with a 2 meter long snout filled with teeth.

Spinosaurus is nicknamed the ‘Swimming Dinosaur.’ If being big wasn’t enough, this dinosaur could swim too. It usually preyed on large fish and prehistoric sharks. Also, being huge it had very large lungs allowing it to hunt underwater for extended periods of time.

Spinosaurus females were actually very caring mothers. They would watch over their young until they were a year old. By then they would be big enough to not be bothered by small dinosaurs and mammals.

In conclusion, Spinosaurus was an amazing giant swimmer and nurturing mother.

Parasaurolophus Life

As I hatched as a baby Para, I saw my herd. I climbed out of my egg and started eating a fern straight away. It was so good as a baby my herd protected me. Soon I was a juvenile. As I grew up I was more independent. As soon as I was an adult I left my herd and moved into the forest where there were plenty of ferns and trees to eat. Plus no predators could fit through the dense trees and brush. I was safe and had nothing to worry about.

Gigantosaurus Life

I started my life out as a baby giga. There were predators everywhere. I waddled my little baby feet behind a hill next to the sea. There was enough food to last me until I was a young adult. Before I knew it, I was a juvenile.

I spotted my prey. A Gallimimus drinking water. I set up an ambush and hid in a bush until the Galimimus chicken walked it’s way over. That’s when I attacked. The Galimimus stood no chance and I had food.

As days passed I moved into the forest where there was sufficient prey and water. Plus, the forest was too dense for larger predators. The density of the forest made it tough for my prey to spot me. Soon, even I was getting too big for the forest so I had to move out.

I moved into a canyon. That’s when I realized I was an adult. I was super hungry so I ran out and looked for prey which wasn’t a problem to find because I was at the top of the food chain. I had nothing to worry about.


frillDilophosaurus was one of the earliest carnivores that lived in the early Jurassic. Being two meters tall he could look you right in the eye.

Dilophosaurus had a unique hunting strategy. The Dilophosaurus could spit acid in it’s prey’s eyes causing blindness and soon paralysis giving the Dilophosaurus and easy meal.

The Dilophosaurus had a hood or flaps on it’s head like a cobra. Scientists estimate the males had beautiful designs under the hood to impress females. Scientists think that the Dilophosaurus would open it’s hood and the females would pick the male with the brightest and most beautiful design.

In conclusion, Dilophosaurus was one of the most beautiful dinosaurs but also one of the deadliest. It is definitely one of my favorite carnivores.