Ernest Shackleton

Shackleton was an amazing explorer who made it to the Antarctic without losing one man from his team.

Shackleton was a person of many talents. He was the second of ten children and was also a gifted speaker. At the age of sixteen he set off to sail the sea.

As an explorer, Shackleton had many goals but they kept on changing while trying to reach Antarctica. His main goal was to be the first person to cross Antarctica.

During Shackleton’s journey his ship, Endurance, got stuck in the ice while his team was trying to reach their base on the Weddell Sea. His goal changed from being the first man to cross Antarctica on foot to getting all of his men home safely. After almost two years in Antarctica, he made it home with all of his men alive, even the photographer.

In conclusion, Shackleton was an amazing explorer and leader.