Tiger Sharks

Tiger Sharks are fierce and ferocious hunters. They live in tropical waters alongside the great white. Tiger sharks aren’t as big as the great white, but they are faster and more agile. Some think they will jump about 10 feet in the air to catch their prey.

tiger shark pup

Scientists estimate they have the most powerful jaw of any animal alive today. Tiger sharks get their name because when they are born, they have dark blue stripes. As they age these stripes start to fade. Tiger sharks are nicknamed the ocean garbage truck. Tigers will eat anything including trash which is why we need to stop polluting the oceans.

Tiger sharks are beautiful sharks that are also deadly hunters. All sharks including the tiger shark are amazing hunters.

Manta Rays

My manta ray and remora clay model

Manta Rays are the largest species of rays. Growing seven meters from tip to tip and weighing 3,600 pounds these giants are still quite a mystery to scientists because they are very elusive. They can live in all the temperate waters of the world and will migrate in large numbers. They are in the shark family and like sharks, these gentle giants have Remoras hitching a ride alongside too.

Feeding can be tough for these secretive animals. They will only feed near the shore and they must wait for high tide or else they might risk getting beached. Another challenge is that they are usually accompanied by sharks making for competition. Sometimes they arrive at tropical fish breeding sites to feed. Manta Rays feed on fish eggs, small crabs, small fish, squid, and plankton.

In conclusion, manta rays are a beautiful and mysterious wonder to this world.

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The Porbeagle


The Porbeagle is a species of mackerel shark. They live in cold marine waters in the North Atlantic and the Southern Hemisphere. Their scientific name is Lamna nasus.

The Porbeagle is small compared to the Great White but it is still bigger than a man at 8.2 feet. Their main diet is mostly small fish and crabs. Their species is threatened and hopefully will not become endangered.

In conclusion, I really like the Porbeagle. It’s a really cute shark and they are known to be passive around humans. So cute.